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Come visit HLO's Baby Boutique!



We have unique and hard to find items that you would normally have to go out-of-town or order online to purchase!


Now in Stock "Gender Reveal Items"

Girl or Boy / Pink or Blue

Smoke Sticks - No Longer Available

"Balloon Kits"  $16.95 - includes a 36" black balloon pre-filled with Pink or Blue confetti for, Pink & Blue Streamers "Confetti Cannons"  $12.95 - Pink or Blue, "Powder Cannons" $15.95 - Pink or Blue, "Powder & Confetti Cannons" $17.95 - Pink or Blue, "Silly String" $3.95 - Pink or Blue, "Smoke Sticks" $8.95 - Pink or Blue ,

"Gender Reveal Baseball " $24.95 - Pink or Blue, "Gender Reveal Golf Ball" $11.95 - Pink or Blue

Amber contains Succinite, a substance found in nature which acts as a anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Worn next to the babies skin the warmth allows baby to absorb the healing elements and help sooth by reducing inflammation, clears red cheeks, eases pain, and stimulates the thyroid to reduce drooling, for a calmer happier baby.

Heartbeat Animals

Purchase one of our cute Heartbeat Animals and we will record your babies heartbeat for a wonderful keepsake.

Heartbeat Art & Frames

Each sold separately.

Hand-Made Pacifier Holders and Assoceries

Fun T-Shirts for Mom, Dad & Family

Belly Cast Kits