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What people are saying about Hello Little One!


(Over 1200 reviews with a perfect 5.0 star out of 5.0 star rating)


-This is the best place to go! Everyone’s so nice and friendly! And very helpful! I highly recommend coming here!!! S. Owens


-Amazing owners. Always greeted with great energy, and it feels like home and being part of the family every time we walk in❤ And if that baby is being shy, they are so generous to have us come back to check on little one free of charge. I cannot wait to place my baby girl in the arms of Mrs. Lucy she’s been watching her grow since week 6 of this pregnancy!! K. Paiz


-If I could recommend them 100 times, I would! From scheduling the appointment to laying down viewing our baby boy on the screen - it was all easy and enjoyable. The staff is very friendly, and it is a very comfortable setting. Lucy was patient, funny, kind, and caring. We are beyond pleased with our experience at Hello Little One 3D/4D Ultrasound! A. Ann


-Wonderful people and atmosphere! They did amazing with our gender scan for our little boy � we will definitely be back! A. Wright


-Amazing. They make you feel so comfortable. Wish I could go every day. D. Latimer


- Not only is the staff/owners phenomenal, they have so much to offer at very affordable prices. Memories of your little one that you can cherish forever and ever! My experience with Hello Little One was amazing. K. Sachs


- We went to HLO for our first ultrasound at 6 weeks. They predicted 4/13/19 as our due date. We also went back for early gender reveal at 14 weeks. Gender was correct and baby girl came right on her due date 💞 the staff was very friendly and it was easy to schedule appointments. C. Perry


- Me and my wife absolutely loved going here. Lucy is great, she doesn't just do it to get it over with she takes the time to build a relationship with the expected parents and gives you a look into how beautiful your unborn child is. I would recommend Hello Little One to anyone looking to do a 3D/4D view. Thank you for making our visit so pleasant and memorable Lucy!!  J. Payne


-They are absolutely amazing, and the real time video is a once lifetime chance best time I was 28 weeks and he was perfect size for an amazing photo. K. Fallon


-Amazing place, not only did she make our day by telling us we were having a boy they were very patient, answered all our questions, explained everything and made Me and my family very welcome and comfortable. They were amazing and i would recommend them to anyone. J. Hatch


-Hello Little One is a fantastic, professional, and wonderful place. I had a 3D ultrasound done at 26+3 weeks. I had 2 previous routine ultrasounds done at my doctors office. The Hello Little One experience trumps all others. Instead of robotic ultrasounds with a tech that isn't excited, Lucy makes you feel comfortable and is genuinely excited about each new mother and baby that walk through the office doors. Even when my baby wouldn't cooperate, she gave us an opportunity to try again in an hour. I will continuously sing the praises of this company and am just looking for another reason to visit. Not only to see my baby again, but to visit Lucy too! K. Young


-Right when I walked through the door I was treated with such a pleasant hello. Everyone in the facility was so polite, especially Ms. Lucy who did my ultrasounds. I have never met a more friendly and nice stranger. I would recommend Hello Little One to any expecting mother.

E. Vasquez


-So amazing and so nice! Such clear & perfect pictures I got of my little man at 37 weeks! K. Britt


-Amazing pictures of our little man! The Chase family treated us extremely well and also accommodated my large family! I am very grateful to them and I would recommend this business to anyone! S. Tartt


-Fantastic experience very professional would highly recommend them to anyone we found out we are having a beautiful healthy baby girl! thank you so much for the 3D/4D photos of our baby girl!! F. Coveney


-We had a great experience at HLO. My family was able to be comfortable and felt welcomed during the Ultrasound and everyone was so kind. It was truly an amazing experience, one that Zoey's Mommy, Daddy, and Brother will never forget. M. Radcliffe


-My husband and I had a fantastic experience at Hello Little One last week. We went in just to try and quickly find out what gender our baby was, but got so much more out of our visit! Lucy took her time showing us our baby girl (yay!) and made our quick trip into a very special and emotional time that we will always remember. Her equipment is absolutely top of the line and her ultrasound room is very cozy. You won't be disappointed! We couldn't believe the clarity of both the standard ultrasound and the 3D/4D that we were privileged to see our little daughter's face on for the first time. Thank you Lucy for making our visit to HLO such a wonderful one!! D. Kruszewski


-This place is the best they are awesome thank you so much! M & J Strachan


-So amazing and so nice! Such clear & perfect pictures I got of my little man at 37 weeks! K. Britt


-So thankful for HLO they were so sweet & she new what I was having within about 30 seconds :) thank you!! A. Aymil


-Thank you so much for staying late and skyping my husband so he could see our little boy! It was a really great experience and you guys are wonderful! J. Nesslage


-Love the company and the owners are even better! I had a wonderful experience with Hello little ones I recommend them to anyone having a baby. E. King


-We had a wonderful experience today! Thank you, Lucy, for being so warm and caring about explaining everything to us! G. Gonzalez


-Amazing experience! It was just like visiting an old friend. I can't wait to go back and see our lil guy again. I will be sending all my preggo friends their way. A. Andrus


-"Lucy, you did such an amazing job today and I can't begin to thank you enough. I got to see my baby girl's precious face. It was the best experience with such a wonderful person :)" -Brittani H.


-"Everyone in the area should meet Lucy and her family, even if you are not expecting!! They are wonderful!!" -Randi A.


-"Today was so amazing. Seeing our little girl was so surreal. She is absolutely precious and we cannot wait to meet her. She's such a beautiful little blessing. If anyone of my pregnant ladies out there are looking to get a 3D ultrasound done PLEASE go to Hello Little One 3D/4D Ultrasound, LLC. They are amazing and will take great care of you" -Stephanie F.

​-"These people are amazing." -Amanda D.


-"If you know someone who is prego send them to Lucy... She is wonderful. They treat everyone like family!" -Melissa S.


-"Thank you so much.. You are amazing.. Would love to come back soon!" - Kimberly V.


-"Thank you again. You are such a wonderful and sweet person! We are lucky to have someone like you in our lives!!!" - Meghan M.


-"Thanks so much.. and yes this has to be the best Father's Day gift ever.. now I don't have to go shopping for him lol thanks again you guys are great!" - Ashley F.


-"Can't wait to come back, thank you so much. It was such an amazing experience!"-Savannah S.


-"Everyone had so much fun.. can't wait to come back in a few more weeks!!!"-Samantha C.


-"Thank you so much Lucy!! We loved seeing our "big" boy!!" -Jill L.



-"It's always a treat to see you guys!! Thank you for everything, we are looking forward to next week!"-Cayce R.


-"Thank you, thank you very much! I will be sure to send you lots of new customers!" -Hannah P.


-Love this place ! Went today for my first ultrasound and was nothing but amazed. Cant wait to go back. S. Torres


-The best in the world.... K. Semos


-Love love love everything you did for our family. The pictures were beautiful and the stuffed monkey with our little angels heart beat will forever be a treasure to us. We love you guys. Thank you K. Horowitz


-Amazing, incredible, and heart melting! ♥ this place is amazing full of joy and happiness!

C. Hammaker


-I absolutely loved going there! Lucy and her family made us very comfortable and dealt with Mikey D and his foot in his face and turning over and being a handful...LOL! The DVD and pictures we received are just amazing! T. Burdick


-Love HLO❤️ Lucy was amazing and we were able to find out the gender within seconds. Such an amazing experience! K. Richardson


-Everything about this place is top notch. Wonderful staff, family friendly atmosphere, and excellent ultrasound images. Thanks so much for giving my family a wonderful experience.

W. Thelen


-Great place, very friendly and family owned. Well worth the drive out there; set up was great for families or just the couple. Lucy was really sweet and got some great pictures, despite my little one being difficult. Will defiantly go back when and if I have another baby. Kelcei Stoll


-What a great experience! We were able to find out the gender with both sets of grandparents and our son! I would recommend this place to anyone wanting to see their little one. Sarag Repp Southall


-I absolutely loved our experience!! The office is so cute and the space in the sonogram room is absolutely impressive! We are only 15 weeks but Lucy was able to tell exactly what our baby is! � she was also able to keep it completely a secret and not give it away as we did a gender reveal later that day!! It was an all around amazing visit and we will DEFINITELY be returning before our little BOY comes!  Megan Larae Davis


-I absolutely love this place. Came here for all 3 of my pregnancies and had an amazing experience every time. Lucy and her husband are such amazing people. I highly recommend this place. Chanel Hilbert


-I had such a great experience yesterday getting an ultrasound to find out what our little Deal was going to be! My husband couldn't make the appointment so we had the results put in an envelope. We opened it together yesterday afternoon & did a reveal with out friends and family last night. We are SO excited to welcome a BABY GIRL into our family in February � I cannot wait to go back to see what she's up to again! Candace Deal


-They were absolutely amazing with my baby girl she was a stubborn baby an she didn't give up an gave me the opportunity of a lifetime an we got to see our beautiful baby girl! Strongly recommend this lovely couple and business who truly care about babies! Spenser Mullins


-I am so happy to have experienced this time with them! The staff is very friendly! I felt welcome and loved! I highly recommend them! Cecelia Smith-Deleon


-This is one of the most excellent business ideas i have seen in Ocala in a long time! What a great service, and so well done! The husband and wife team run a very clean, upbeat, and caring service, and I understand that they also provide updates to the doctors if there is a cause for concern. David Fritrz




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